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May 5, 2004 07:00 PM

Good brunch btwn Milton and Cambridge?

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Anyone have any suggestions for a nice brunch place anywhere between Milton and Cambridge, as far as Waterloo would be ok too.
My in-laws are in Waterloo and we struggle all the time trying to find a good place to meet halfway. We're tired of the Aberfoyle Mill!

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  1. If it's possible for you to go for lunch instead of brunch, then I highly recommend Lily Ruth in Cambridge. They don't appear to have a brunch menu, but their lunch is fantastic and reasonably priced. Excellent service too.

    1. I'm not sure if they open for lunch/brunch, but try Enver's in Morriston. It is on Hwy 6 South very close to 401 on the right side of the road. Same owners as Aberfoyle Inn but much better food - more of a "fine dining" restaurant. I've eaten there many times and always had reliable meals with good service. 519-821-2852

      Also, in the summer there is a pleasant place on Puslinch Lake, which is south of the 401 just before Cambridge. I'm suffering from the temporary amnesia that hits me all too often these days and I can't remember the exact name - but it could be called the Marina and I think the exit is Townline Road. It's right on the lake and you can watch the water-skiers. I've eaten there a couple of times and it would compare qualitywise with the Aberfoyle Mill.

      1. We'll have to try these places. Sadly Envers doesn't have brunch...yet. Hopefully they will.
        Thanks again