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May 5, 2004 09:35 AM

Theatre District - Good Food, not $$?

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Looking for a restaurant for pre-theatre dinner around Princess of Wales or points west of there (e.g. Bathurst). Anything good that's not too crazily priced? Also, recommendations for post-theatre dessert?

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  1. If you go North a block on Duncan, the Duncan Street Grill has good food, resonable prices and is used to dealing with a theatre crowd.. Mains ar $12-$16, a lot of pastas, fairly good menu.

    There is a little Itallian place that look interesting on Adelaide just west of Duncan called Pieros about the same prices but cosier place...

    Then there is Milestones on John and Richmond if the weatehrs nice they have a great patio and you can watch all the people go by.. mains are probably in the $15-$20 range..

    1. I actually had a pretty good experience at the Strip House. They offer a deal where you get a main course and either an app or a dessert for $26 I beleive.

      The staff were really nice and the food (mostly meat granted) was good as well.