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May 4, 2004 03:32 PM

Greg's Ice Cream????

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Anyone know what happened to them? I hope they've just moved and not closed down. :(

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  1. Do not fret! They'll be moving to the southwest corner of Bloor and Spadina, in the JCC building.

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    1. re: membrillo

      I wonder if De Niro et al will still be willing to walk up to Spadina for Greg's come film fest season...

      1. re: sef

        Probably not. Although I'd love to see De Niro pop by Greg's for some roasted marshmallow ice cream, then stroll over to the Brunswick House or Future Bakery for some cheap beer among the U of T students, it's more likely that he'd send a limo to fetch whatever he fancies...

      2. re: membrillo

        Great!!! Now it's even easier to pop by via subway :) No more of that Pho Hung / Greg's combo anymore though (perhaps a good thing since I can usually barely stand after that eating frenzy)

      3. Been to the new Greg's Ice Cream Shop at Bloor and is not special at all. Was really disappointed. Noticed that in the old location a new ice cream shop is moving in. Can you say brilliant?