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May 3, 2004 04:09 PM

Magic Wok in Markham

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a few relatives from Boston are visiting and they would love to enjoy a traditional, authentic, HK style seafood dinner. i was thinking Magic Wok in Markham. anyone else have other suggestions, preferably around the Markham, Richmond Hill area? thanks!

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  1. h

    Magic Wok is a great choice.

    A couple of my relatives' faves:

    - Sam Woo Seafood at Bamburgh Circle & Warden (just south of Steeles). Opposite end of the BBQ restaurant (best bbq duck in the city IMO)
    - Ambasaddor - W. Beaver Creek & Hwy 7
    - Grand Yatt - Yonge, n. of Hwy 7
    - more casual setting: Big Mouth Kee (under Ambassador)