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May 3, 2004 01:03 PM

King E. places - Hiro Sushi, Chocolat, La Maquette, Biagio?

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Thoughts on places to eat on King E. (more for lunch, but dinner also)? Never been to any of these places. Other suggestions? Any cheap jewels?

I was at a Cdn Cancer Wine & Food event last week in St. Lawrence Hall. Biagio was one of the food donors and the risotto they served was IMO awful - the worst I have ever tasted - bland, overcooked, runny... I took one bite, wanted to spit it out, and certainly didn't finish the rest of the scoop I was served.
Fortunately, I had some good wine to get rid of the awful taste!

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  1. I think everyone knows my suggestion... :-)

    Laide - 1 block north of King on Adelaide at Jarvis... Not open for Lunch but great for dinner.


    1. If you are into sushi, Hiro's is a must. Toronto is blessed with choice; Kaji is the recent darling. However, Hiro's has an international reputation. Chairmen of Japanese corporations seek him out when they are in town. A better endorsement may be that baseballers Matsui (Yankees) and Ichiro (Mariners) eat lunch and dinner at Hiro's when their teams are in town...these guys can afford to eat anywhere!!