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May 1, 2004 04:21 PM

Turkish Baklava

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I had the best Baklava I've ever eaten when I was in Berlin recently. It was Turkish -- the smoothest, sweetest, and best texture I've ever had. Anyone have suggestions on the best baklava in T.O.?


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  1. The best Baklava (and I am an addict and afficianado) is served at Anatolia restaurant in Etobicoke. Near Kipling station.

    It is worth the trip.

    The food is original, sometimes ethereal. The baklava non-pareil. I love the soggy drippy honey versions you get on the Danforth but this is surely as it was intended. Light, perfumed, perfection.

    You'll see.

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      I agree with Markaroni -- the baklava at Anatolia can be very good. Quite different is the huge range of baklava-type pastries baked at Arz Bakery, 1909 Lawrence E. In the interests of world peace, I should mention that they're Armenian, not Turkish, but still quite fine.