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Jun 27, 2000 07:15 PM

Wither Seattle Board?

  • j

I've been looking here occasionally, and have always been struck by how DEAD this board is compared to your others. I have a suggestion: spin off the Seattle board to its own. "Pacific NW" might SOUND nice, but really, how many people in Seattle are going to care about Portland recommendations, and vice-versa. It's like having a "NY-Philly" board.

I'm willing to bet that the name "Seattle" on the board would in and of itself double the traffic. Besides, Seattle is one of the most cosmopolitan cities around these days -- in my few short visits, I have always been impressed with the restaurants and grocery stores around Pike and the downtown -- a steady stream of Filipino, Turkish, Japanese, Mexican, Greek, Indian, Bengali, Korean, Italian, Russian, Ethiopian, etc., etc. As well as NativeAm/Aleut (Indian and Eskimo for the non-PC crowd) places, which are widespread. Again, all those ethnic RESTAURANTS don't impress me half as much as all those ethnic **GROCERY STORES**.

Unfortunately, Seattle's CHINATOWN is pretty pathetic. But it is home to Uwajimaya, a "Japanese" grocery store with a good stock of everything from Vietnamese candy to Thai curries to -- and this REALLY surprised me -- poi, chicken laulau, kalua pig, and musubi makers. I can't say as I've ever even found those here in LA or SF, to be honest.

So how about a bit more attention paid to the poor old super-cosmo Emerald City....?

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  1. Jim--I agree with every word.

    Problem is our present geographical setup is a necessary compromise. We need new software, a new server, more technical manpower in order to revamp and spin off boards. We are working very hard at these's one reason I've not been updating some of our features very often.

    We've got all sorts of awesome ideas, and among them are ways to make the site more interesting for regions (like the NW) where we've not yet caught fire. Bear with us!