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Apr 30, 2004 02:11 PM

Poor Student celebrating Birthday...

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I need to find a reasonably priced ($20-$30/person for dinner and 1 drink) restaurant that is located near club district.
I would love to take my friends somewhere where the food is delicious, the service is friendly and the ambiance is trendy.

I don't know where the current "hot spots" are right now. Does anyone have any suggestions?

As far as types of food: Anything goes.

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  1. Go to Laide.. food is amazing, service is incredibly friendly and the ambiance is definatly one of a kind...

    Laide is at 138 Adelaide St East two blocks east of Yonge.

    All menu item are under $14 -

    Soft braised duck leg and cassoulet - $12
    Spiced eight vegetable roti - $8
    Tiger prawns and sweet pea risotto, peach schnapps - $12

    Bar rail drinks and beer are $5



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    1. re: Rob


      Do you work at or do you have an ownership interest in Laide? It seems every time someone is looking for a suggestion, your recommendation is Laide (complete with photos, menus, prices and link to web site). Just curious....

      1. re: Jonathan C.

        No, I do not work there or have ownership in it. It is a favorite place of mine, that is it...

        If you notice in the past week or so I have also posted about Fune, Canoe (Visitor needs romantic restaurant recs), Provence, Pusateri's, the Strand, Ho Su, Kubo & Tomi-Kro...

        (Search for "Rob" on the main page and you will find my posts)

        I did not (and would not) recomend Laide for the person looking for a romantic dinner for two on an anniversary. But for a student looking for some fun on a birthday it is a great place.

        I eat out a lot and like to give honest recomendations. I also like to give as much information as possible like links to websites (if a place has one) so that people can get more information then just what I say...

    2. Hmm, trendy + good food + clubland + reasonable prices...not sure a place like that exists ;)

      I like Peter Pan on Queen - service has always been friendly and the food is decent. It's not too expensive either (I had my b-day dinner there) - it fits your price range. It's not exactly trendy, but it's not dowdy either. Also, I had dinner at Fez once a while back - passable food, decent prices, and it's especially fun if you're in the little room in the restaurant area.