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Apr 30, 2004 10:43 AM

Lion City Restaurant - Mississauga

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I went to Lion City Restaurant in Mississauga yesterday, with a friend and enjoyed the food.

The restaurant serves foods from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The chef is Lillian Ow who is from Singapore.

We started off with Thai Cold rolls which were average. Most Vietnamese and Thai restos do a better job. We then ordered Pineapple fried rice and Spicy Grilled Fish.

The Spicy Girlled Fish was Skate. It was fried, covered in a spicy Tamarind based sauce and then baked in Banana leaves. I have never had skate before and enjoyed it a lot. It was very meaty and not overcooked. The portions were adequate, not to big, not too small.

The bill came out to $28 for the above. I will definitely go back again.

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  1. The restaurant is located in at 1177 Central Parkway West, Unit 70 in Mississauga. Tel: 905-281-0860

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    1. re: Leah S

      When I went there w/the fam, my dad enjoyed the skate a lot too!

    2. Coconut Village, a Malaysian restaurant on Roncesvalles, does a nice skate dish.

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        1. The chicken rice is very good, able to match the best ones in Singapore!

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            We go to Gourmet Malaysia a lot. But we were in the area so we decided to try Lion City for the first time.

            Shrimp mee (soup noodle) was excellent. We liked it better than GM. The roti was excellent. Amost like eating a warm buttery croissant (we had to place a second order).

            We loved the skate. So good and meaty.

            Chicken rice and chow keoy dill (stirfried rice noodle?) were good but GM versions are better. We will be back for shrimp noodle, roti and skate and to try out other menu items. Lots of choices.