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Jun 12, 2000 07:46 PM

Vancouver - Help!

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Help! We're traveling to Vancouver from Washington D.C. July 13-16 and we know nothing about the city. Any great insider restaurant suggestions in Vancouver so that I can brag when I get back? My boyfriend and I particularly like sushi, filipino (and asian generally), plus pizza and of course fresh seafood (salmon)!! (We can probably afford one great meal and lots of cheap chowhound style meals so we desperately need tips)

For that matter if anyone has good hotel suggestions???

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  1. Cap, Go to the homepage and put Vancouver in the search option. You'll see some posts by Tom Armitage and Gary Cheong, two very knowledgeable chowhounds. Check those out and perhaps some others. If the search doesn't supply what you need, come on back. pat

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    1. re: Pat Hammond

      Cool, thanks Pat. I'll keep checking here too though - I hope folks will come up with some new suggestions for me. Anyone coming to D.C. should feel free to get in touch too!


      1. re: Pat Hammond

        I can't find the old Cheong posts through the search engine. Tips?

        1. re: Dan R.

          You won't be able to find it because I did not post it. Dave Feldman posted a report on his trip to Vancouver, and it included a few restaurants that I recommended to him.

          See link below.


      2. A trip to Vancouver, B.C. presents a "board" dilemma for Chowhounds. Technically, postings regarding Vancouver B.C. belong on the Canada board. But, given the fact that many Washingtonians are knowledgeable about restaurants in Vancouver, B.C., and that Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. are often considered part of the Pacific Northwest (without respect to national boundaries), I can also understand why you chose to post on the Pacific Northwest Board. In any event, you may want to re-post your request on the Canada board, or at least browse through the Canada board for reports (including mine) on Vancouver, B.C.

        I can't recommend Phnom Penh, a Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurant, highly enough. Here's what another Chowhound, Jim Benzian, who went to Phnom Penh on my advice, had to say (his post was on the Los Angeles board, so I thought I'd repeat it here):

        "[W]e followed your suggestion and went to Phnom Penh when we were in Vancouver about a month ago. I have been craving the garlic pepper squid (grandmas recipe) ever since. I have tried many other renditions since that don't compare. Another great dish at Phnom Penh was thinly sliced raw beef in lime juice with anchovie. Thanks again for the advice. We went there twice during our two day stay."

        And I still dream about the Stilton cheesecake at the Met.

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        1. re: Tom Armitage

          Thanks - your advice sounds Phnominal. I'll Penhcil it onto our schedule.

          (sorry, sorry, I couldn't stop myself)

          Actually, I did check out the search option as someone suggested and dredged up about 30 old posts which caused me to think maybe Canada was the way to go.

          I do appreciate your advice (and NWMBoard's courtesy in general) very much!

          Cheers, C.H.