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Apr 27, 2004 05:53 PM

seafood restaurants in richmond hill or thornhill?

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hey all, am soliciting suggestions for good seafood restaurants in richmond hill or thornhill that'd cost around $50 per person (not including drinks) or away.

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    Not sure what type of food, but if you're looking for Chinese, Magic Wok, but that's in Markham. Good prices for great seafood.

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    1. re: haligonianhui

      the decor could use a makeover, but seafood at the Magic Wok was quite good, especially the steamed whole garoupa.

      1. re: sef

        sorry, forgot to warn you about Chinese restaurant decor. glad to hear you enjoyed the food. what else did you try? would like to hear more review of your experience. and is it as reasonably priced as I remember?

        1. re: haligonianhui

          hmm, let's see...besides the steamed whole fish, we had seafood soup for starters (quite acceptable), friend rice w/ chicken(a bit bland), scallops w/ shiitake mushrooms (scallops were overdone, mushrooms were perfect) and a shrimp dish (I forget the specifics)...portions were more than generous enough for a party of five. Once again, the steamed garoupa was the highlight.

          The bill was a ridiculously low $125 w/ tax & tip, fantastic value (especially compared with restos in my neighbourhood...lunch at romagna mia the other day cost $40).

    2. JP Oysters at York Boulevard in Markham has oysters on the shell from Rodney's.

      1. I've hear Aw Shucks Seafood Bar and Bistro - 15474 Yonge St. in Aurora is good. It's on the border of Richmond Hill/Aurora