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Apr 27, 2004 05:22 PM

Umami fusion Avenue Road

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Has anyone been to Umami Fusion? I am going thursday and would like some suggestions/pointers



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  1. I haven't been there, but I've been wondering about it since it opened - haven't heard a thing about it. Could you post a mini review here after you go to let us all know?

    1. Hi..
      I've been there several times. First of all- it is a strictly kosher restaurant so things are done a little differently. As far as kosher restaurants go- it is upscale, but the scale is just not the same as it is for 'regular' restaurants. It is also quite expensive- partly because you pay a premium for kosher food and partly because they can get away with it, being the only upscale kosher restaurant in the city.
      Here are some of my favorites
      -Red Dragon sushi roll (which I believe has Fresh Salmon, Green Onion, Pollok, Red Pepper, Masago (roe) & Spicy Sauce)
      -Sushi Pizza
      -Udon soup
      -Ponzu seared beef salad (!)

      As far as mains go- they have really good steak and prime rib. Kosher meat is generally very tasty, and it is no exception here. They offer 4 types of sauces-I have only tried one of them- the one with the shallots in it. It was pretty good, but not fantastic. I've heard the peppercorn sauce is great. Nice sides- although the stir fried veggies came cold the last time I was there.

      Reservations are a must...