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Apr 27, 2004 12:26 PM

Good cakes north of city

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I'm looking for a great cake to bring to a dinner party. I'm partial to chocolate, but willing to try other types.

Please tell me your favourite cakes preferable available in Richmond Hill, Markham, Thornhill, Scarborough, north TO area.


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  1. Maxim's (2 locations): 648 Finch Ave. E. near Leslie, 416-730-1080; 9665 Bayview Ave. Unit 1-4, Richmond Hill, 905-883-4090

    Honor's Pastries: 1085 Bellamy Rd. N. near Ellesmere Rd., 416-439-6031

    Longo's and Loblaws usually carry a good selection of cakes as well.

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      Chocolada at 180 Steeles Avenue West. Amazing cakes at reasonable prices.


    2. I love La Rocca cakes. If you have a larger order ($60 or over) they'll deliver, but they're available at Loblaws, Longos, etc, so you can get them in pretty much any part of town. Not all Loblaws stores carry all the cakes, but I had success once in the past with asking the bakery manager at my local Loblaws to specifically order one that they don't normally carry. It may depend on whether the manager is in a good mood that day or not since it's sort of a special service.


      1. You might try the Village Grocer in Unionville, particularly if you like extremely rich chocolate truffle cake or lemon meringue pie (Dufflet?). I've gorged on both! There's also a patisserie inside the Longo's plaza on Bayview in Thornhill if you were checking out Longo's anyway. Never tried them because it's a bit out of the way for me but they look very yummy. (And while you're there, right next to it and the What A Bagel you can get a very tasty falafel with all the fixings.) Also in the Thornhill, Unionville, Markham, Richmond Hill area are a proliferation of Chinese bakeries many of which do cakes of a less sweet, lighter variety, usually with cream and fruit. Many of the Chinese bakeries also have cute and inexpensive individual portions; attractive presentation as is trademark of these bakeries. I've gone this route before and brought a tasty and festive looking assortment of these to a dinner with friends who really enjoyed the novelty of choice. If memory serves me correctly Lucullus Bakeries in Richmond Hill (Hwy 7/404 area)is one that does this.

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          Toronto K.G.

          Senses in Bayview Village (Bayview Ave. & Sheppard)
          have beautiful and delicious cakes and pastries. Right next to Senses in Bayview Village is the Garden Bakery where you can purchase the La Rocca type cakes - but in my opinion, not nearly as nice as Senses.