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May 30, 2000 11:13 PM

Seattle's new Dahlia Lounge

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I admit, I am a big Tom Douglas fan. Tom owns the Dahlia Lounge, Etta's Seafood Restaurant and The Palace Kitchen. Three distinctively different restaurants all within walking distance of Pike's market and Belltown.

Overall, my favorite is The Palace Kitchen. Prices are affordable and the food is both innovative and excellent..and VERY consistent.

The old Dahlia Lounge moved because of typical greedy landlord problems. The new location, 2001 Fourth Avenue, is just a block or so north.

The Dahlia is a very romantic setting with a great staff, excellent food and a menu that illustrates Douglases' love of food.

Choose any of these three and you can't go wrong. There are many new "fashionable" Belltown restaurants and I have been disappointed in most. Never with any of these three. Enjoy!

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    Dave Feldman


    I'm sad to know that Dahlia was forced to move. What is to become of the fabulous space they have vacated?

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      Tom Armitage

      Dave, I recently received a newsletter from Tom Douglas that made the following comments about the move to the new Dahlia ("D2"), which was forced by unsuccessful lease negotiations for the old space: "It seemed the perfect opportunity to get out of a shoebox sized kitchen, add fresh paint, and lose a very busy bus stop outside our front door. Gaining all this by moving just half a block north on the same street to the beautiful Marshall Building (built in 1928) was too good to pass up."

      Though I too loved the old Dahlia, it sounds like D2 may even be an improvement. D2 will have a bar, and an oyster bar at the bar, a new wood grill and rotisserie from Mesquite, Texas, and an open kitchen. And the old sign--the neon chef with flapping fish--is moving up the street to the new D2. Tom mentioned that the new, bigger kitchen will allow his appetizer list to double in size, including razor clams and crispy fried smelt.

      By the way, his newsletter included a section on food websites that included a brief, but very positive, description of Chowhound.

      1. re: Dave Feldman
        Cris Lafferty


        Currently the site sets empty. I am sure not for long.

        My latest find...and truely great Nell's at Greenlake. Wonderful!

        Keep up the Chowhound search.