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Apr 26, 2004 02:35 PM

Finest Japanese Restaurant

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Would appreciate recommendations for the finest Japanese restaurant in Toronto? A friend said Katsura. What does everyone think and are there better? Thanks

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  1. Katsura has a good mix of different food, not just focusing on sushi and sashimi or teppanyaki. See link below.

    I guess it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for variety, then Katsura would be a good place. If you are looking for a great omakase experience, then perhaps Sushi Kaji is a better place to go. You are going to get very different opinion on this topic (happened many times before) so the more you can narrow down, then the better recommendation you will get.

    1. As SaladKingFan mentioned, you are likely to get as many recommendations for Japanese restaurants as there are people on this board. That being said, if you are looking for the finest, I believe most would agree that it would be among Sushi Kaji, Hiro Sushi and Omi. Jacob Richler in the National Post did a sushi roundup a couple Saturdays ago, but unfortunately they don't keep stuff online that long. He basically concluded that all three were 'superb'.

      Both Richler and Toronto Life have repeatedly declared Sushi Kaji the top Japanese restaurant in the city, but I think a more important deciding factor would be your location and in what area of the city you wish to dine.


      1. I have tried different sushi restaurant and I still prefer Katsura mainly because it has move variety of sashimi and sushi than others. For example, sayori is of season at this time of the year and you could find it in Katsura. If you are brave or adventurous enough, you could also try kani miso.

        They dont have omakase but you could sit at the sushi bar and ask the chef to give whatever he thinks is good for that day. I do that every time I go there and once I was offered to try the chin meat of a large tuna.

        1. The best sushi in this city - hands down - is Sushikai (formerly Eukui Sushi) - located at Eglinton/Redpath. I've yet to find such a selection in rolls and entres. The atmosphere is very cheap - but the food and the place are packed with flavour.

          1. The best Japanese restaurant in Toronto by far is Kaji in the unromantic and gross location of The Queensway and Islington. There are three menu only $65, $85, $125. It's a real experience! The best sushi if that's all you want is Hiro Sushi on King St. Both these restaurants are very expensive but excellent and very authentic.