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Apr 25, 2004 02:16 PM

Festival of Chefs

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Hi guys! Thought some of you wanna be chefs might want to know about this. A friend of mine just emailed me a list of chefs that are going to be at cheese boutique. they have some good names on there. i called and they are going to be there from 11am to 3pm.

Fat Cat- may 1st
Vineland Estates- may 2
Mistura- may 8
"sugar"- may 9
Celestin- May 15
lemon Meringue- may 16
Mildred Pierce-may 22
Oscar's- may 23
via allegro- may 29
hillebrand estates- may 30

i called and the boss said that they'll be cooking and talking about their restaurants and giving tastes of their recipes and such. and it's all free! hope to see some of you there. i'll be the tall guy (6'4) with glasses.

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    where's the cheese boutique?

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    1. re: haligonianhui
      Avocado Queen

      45 Ripley Avenue
      below is the link