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Apr 25, 2004 01:37 AM

Visitor needs romantic restaurant recs

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Could you please recommend the best restauarnt for a romantic meal? We have only one night in Toronto and are staying at the Westin Harbor Castle.

Thank you!

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  1. I would suggest Canoe it i s very high end but worth it. The menu contains dishes you will not find in many places with accents on Canadian ingredients: roast hind of Yukon caribou with a zucchini and sweet corn bread cobbler in a partridge berry jus.

    But the best part is that you are on the 54th floor overlooking the lake at night it is very beautiful... plus on weekends the bar is open late for cocktails..

    66 Wellington Street W. (54th floor, TD Bank Tower)


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    1. re: Rob

      Canoe is very rarely open on weekends.

      The Westin Harbour has a restaurant on its 38th floor, it may be worth checking it out.

      1. re: Brit

        Opps my mistake I have only ever been there on a Friday night did not relize they are not open Sat...

    2. The MOST romantic restaurant is Scaramouche - probably a $15 cab ride from Westin. You MUST request a window table.
      Not cheap and never disappointing.

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      1. re: estufarian

        I'll second this.

        Service is absolutely flawless, seamless, and professional. As all good service should be, you don't even notice how incredibly competent the service staff is. Everything is simply taken care of for you, without you even asking, and likely before you it even crosses your mind.

        As estufarian mentioned, the view is simply astonishing. My boy Keith can cook, too. :)


        1. re: Pixelchef

          I have a slightly different take of Scaramouche. The food is fine if unmemorable. However, the much touted view requires it to be dark outside. In the daylight it looks like you are looking out someone's rusty balcony which is essentially what it is (the restaurant is located on the ground floor of an apartment building on a hill). Given that the days are getting longer, I'm not sure it would be sufficnetly dark before 9:00. Service was attentive and ubobstrusive. The only other thing I found was the clientelle was a bit hit and miss. The last time my wife and I were there, there was a very loud fellow sitting at the table next dressed in an undershirt. Kind of took some of the romance out of the evening.

          Avalon and North 44 are other places you might consider and personally, I found the food better at both those restaurants.

          Good luck,


          1. re: Jonathan C.

            I agree with this. It does indeed have to be dark outside for the view to be worthwhile.