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Apr 22, 2004 10:17 PM

Anything worth eating around Church and Carlton?

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I'm doing a movie blitz at the Carlton this weekend and want to grab something tasty, fairly priced and reasonably quick. Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Hmmmm, well, if you aren't looking for a particular type of cuisine, the 2 places that I have patronized and thoroughly enjoyed are Hair of the Dog, and the Garage Sandwich company.

    H.O.T.D. is on Church, North of Carlton. It is a bar/pub type of establishment. Most of the fare is typical as to what you would expect at a bar, but there are a few interesting items. My girlfriend adores their heart of palm salad (hopefully they still make it).

    Garage is also on Church, but much further North (just north of Wellesely(sp?)). It is a small little made-to-order sandwich shop, with just a few tables, but IMO, they make the best sandwiches in town.

    Service at both has been great. The time it took to get our orders was not too bad at H.O.T.D., but at Garage, it could be a bit of a wait if there is a line.

    Hope this helps

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      h.o.t.d is pretty darn good, I usually like their Gumbo with a pint of Amsterdam or Guiness (if you're into suds).

      1. re: don

        Also give HOTD a thumbs up - forget the name of the dish, but I had a huge breakfast in a bowl there after the Santa Claus Parade that was excellent (consisted of poached eggs, back bacon and scalloped potatoes and something else layered on top of each other)

        1. re: stein88

          It's great to see so many fans of H.O.T.D!

          Every visit there is a delight. Their nachos are quite different than the norm, you should try them out.

    2. Right across from the Carlton Cinemas is Peach Garden, which is a favourite spot for dinner. Good Vietnamese food. Also, on the same side as the theatre is a Japanese place (can't recall the name right now, but have eaten there for lunch back when I worked at Carlton/Yonge).