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Apr 22, 2004 02:32 PM

Korean Food Markets

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I am looking for the names of the best /most authentic/popular Korean FOOD MARKETS in Toronto. Thanks!

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  1. Check the grocers along bloor street between bathurst and christie subway.

    1. Having married a korean woman I spend a ton of time in this hood...
      Central Market is the biggest grocer right at Bloor, east of Christie. For side dishes there's a brightly lit shop just of few doors east of CM, forget the name though. They have huge bowls of appetizers they store in their fridges. Seems like its family run, nice people, good food.

      I found CM to be a little expensive, I started going to this grocer at Bathurst/Bloor, north side - first Korean grocer you'll hit walking west.

      hope this helps...

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        Speaking of Korean Central Market ... does anyone know what happened to it? It appears to have closed, or to be undergoing heavy renovations or something. Since I don't read Korean, I haven't a clue what the signs posted up in the windows say.

      2. there are lots of korean food markets all over the GTA now. the newest and largest one is the one on the east side of Yonge at Clarke (or around Clarke - that's north of Steeles) - kind of neat as an experience - a lot like the stores in seoul. as a korean who grew up in Scarboro, I'm loyal to the one on Warden/Lawrence which is inexpensive, and has great quality foodstuff. I forgot (or never knew) the name but it's on the south side of Lawrence (just west of Warden) and across the street from Nasr, the Lebanese/Middle Eastern market).

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          You must be talking about the Galleria Supermarket. It's *HUGE*. They seem to have everything ... groceries, clothes, electronics.

          Galleria Supermarket
          7171 Yonge Street,
          Thornhill, ON
          L3T 2A9


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            Galleria - that's the one! They have a great condiment counter at the back and fast food place on the side