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Apr 21, 2004 10:14 PM

Best Indian restaurants in TO? (high end) r/o

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For an extremely important business dinner with clients. Downtown area only, please. Thanks!

(looking for upscale and authentic).

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  1. Never been, but one of the most highly regarded Indian restaurants in Toronto is Dhaba. I'm not sure if the atmosphere is haute cuisine enough, but all reviews I've read seem to point that way.

    Caution: apparently it's incredibly spicy.

    1. Downtown Toronto does NOT have an upscale Indian restaurant with fabulous, authentic food. Dhaba is vastly overrated, by the way. I wouldn't take business clients there; it's adequate as a pre-theatre restaurant for the tourists.

      Are you sure you wouldn't rather choose another cuisine? There are plenty of business-friendly restaurants in downtown Toronto with good food (e.g., Bymark, Canoe).

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      1. re: bobsyeruncle

        Ok I'll bite, what makes Dhaba vastly overrated?

        I ask because this is literally the first negative comment I've ever read on Dhaba.

        1. re: Miguel
          Vinnie Vidimangi

          My two cents worth is this. I much preferred Dhaba when it was in Rexdale. The violent (to my taste) flavours in the cooking were as intense as on King, but much more blended and harmonious. In Rexdale Dhaba was Jimmy Hendrix; on King it is some wannabees in a bar.


          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi
            Your fan Chin

            yo, thats gotta be THE funniest review/opinion i've ever seen on these boards. thats some funny ish! laugh, the best part is i get what you mean!

            1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

              My sentiments exactly!

            2. re: Miguel

              Actually, if you read through the old threads (on the Canada message board, before a separate Toronto board was created), you'll find that several people think Dhaba is overrated.

              I don't go to Dhaba anymore because, like Vinnie said, it's nothing like the original restaurant at Albion & Islington. Now, that place had heart and soul. Indian families hanging out, charming/kitschy wooden decor, live musicians, and magical food at much lower prices. The new incarnation is a huge bore and a disappointment, although it's good enough for the people who choose to eat in that area (St. Tropez, Urban, Fred's Not Here....hell, you might as well go up the street to Milestones).

          2. I don't know if it is the best but I have always enjoyed the Indian Rice Factory on Dupont. I haven't been to Host on Prince Arthur for awhile but it used to be good. Biryani House on Wellesley at Yonge is trying hard to go upscale after the success of their more modest spot on Roy Square.

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            1. re: Fanny

              I would not recommend Biryani House for an upscale biz meeting. The food is excellent, but the decor is bizarre. Linen table clothes and chandeliers combined with exposed ductwork and foam spray on the ceiling.

            2. Indian Rice Factory is very good.

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              1. re: Brit

                But it's not located downtown, but rather in a bland, no-name stretch of Dupont. Also, it's comfortable enough, but hardly upscale.

              2. i think bombay palace on adelaide and jarvis is a good bet