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Apr 21, 2004 02:00 PM

Where to buy soy protein isolate?

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I'm trying to bake low carb bread and desserts and many recipes ask for soy protein isolate. I don't know where to find this, I've checked the health food stores and the bulk barn. I live in the Richmond Hill area and work in the Scarborough area, does anyone know where I can find this soy protein isolate??? I have found soy flour, but I know it's not the same thing.

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  1. Health Gardens in Thornhill (69 Doncaster) carries it. Alas, like all other low-carb products, it's expensive - about $40.

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      Great, thanks, I know where that store is. It's crazy how expensive these products are. I guess it's trendy so they can get away with it now.

      1. re: Chloe
        Chin was here

        true, until it becomes maintstream and there's more competition...

    2. I am doing low card as well and wanted to post a similar question.

      Good luck with your diet. Let me know how the recipes go. If you want to buddy up and do the diet together, you can e-mail me at

      Leah S