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Apr 21, 2004 12:03 PM

Best Philly Steaks in Toronto

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Who makes the Best Philly Steaks in Toronto?

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  1. oddly enough, East Side Mario's has got quite the sandwich...not the biggest, but by far the tastiest one Ive had.......FYI : Never order philly steak @ Quizno's

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      Chin the boy wonder

      there was a little blurb on these in todays star food section (21.04.04) they pretty much trashed subways' and mr. sub's

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        And voila, the artcile in it's entirety. (click the link at the bottom)


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          Really cant tell you all where the BEST is in Toronto, but I can share a story from Philly...My 2 sons live in the Philly area and last weekend went to visit them..Beautiful sunny day, rented a convertible, deceided to go into Philly, walk South Street, Market Street and was time to eat, at my sons suggestion went to Pat,s or Gino's to try their world famous Philly Steak.....depending if you want cheeze-wiz or provolone...The lines at these places where around the block, they being kitty corner to one another, waited about 15 minutes, finally ordered and securing a table outside, must say was VERY disappointed...Tasteless meat, Really subpar on every level...Pat hasn't cleaned his grill or the outside for that matter since opening the place 70 yrs ago....I have had great philly steaks elsewhere, NEVER AGAIN at the so called original.

          1. re: Eli

            Was in Philly over Easter wkend and tried the Philly Cheesesteak at Bill's, at least that's what I think is the name of the restaurant - it's one of the famous ones after Pat's and Gino's.

            Totally disappointed...the meat was boiling on the grill, the provolone was tasteless as was the bread. If it wasn't for the mustard, the whole thing would be favourless.

            The other restaurants had terrific food though, Went to Forks, Denardo's, and a restaurant called Fri, Sat and Sun.

    2. pat's king of steaks, whiz, wit'. NO ONE in toronto makes anything resembling a real philly cheese steak!

      1. Here is a real business opportunity!

        For me... the ultimate is found at Bill's Diner in Barnegat Light NJ, but almost anything is better that the sad versions of cheese steaks I have had in Ontario.

        If there is a god he will bring a decent cheesesteak to Toronto!

        1. I've been to Philadelphia (go leafs go!), but never got a chance to go to those more famous cheese steak spots. Instead, had to settle for a street vendor's version. But damnit, it was GOOD!

          Probably not a "philly" cheese steak, but Pickle Barrell makes a pretty good steak sandwich.

          1. h

            mmm....the Philly street cheesesteaks are the best! Two things we don't have in Toronto - cheesesteaks and Brazilian churascarra which a lot of fellow chowhounds ask for. Business opportunity???