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Apr 20, 2004 09:12 PM


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I admit it -- I followed a newspaper recommendation from this weekend, and was seriously impressed. Japango is an unassuming hole-in-the-wall in a nothing-special part of town (south of Dundas, east of University, not too far from the bus terminal). But the sushi is so fresh it almost swims off the plate. Yellowtail was sweet and tender, white tuna was moist, fatty and delicious and even the pickled ginger had extra bite and crispness. There are certainly more stylish sushi places in Toronto, but from the pure food point of view this one takes some beating in my book. Any other comments out there?


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    1. This post is really late, I know, but I only came across your message now. Another Chowhound pointed me to Japango, and I wholeheartedly agree that Japango is fantastic! Just ate there yesterday and wanted to return today!

      I'd never had really good sushi until visiting New York a couple years ago, and after that eye-opening experience it's gotten to the point where I almost stopped eating sushi in Toronto because I just thought it sort of sucked (I have little money and no car, so dining options can be limited :) But now I know where to go! LOL, and I agree about the ginger - I noticed while eating that it was noticeably fresher and tastier than the norm.