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Apr 19, 2004 10:02 PM

Joy Bistro

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Just visited Joy Bistro on Queen East for the first time. Was looking for Bonjour Brioche, but it's closed on Monday, so I went there instead for breakfast. Had a very yummy Dutch oven blueberry pancake, which was actually 3 pancakes crammed with blueberries, served alongside a lovely fruit compote and fresh whipped cream (yum!) Looks like a neighbourhood coffee hangout for the South Riverdale folk. I'd go back again.

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  1. You're right about Joy Bistro! It started out as Joy of Java, selling primarily coffee and great desserts. It has now become a great food place and also has a wonderful patio. Don't tell too mny people though, we like to keep our finds for ourselves down here in leslieville!!

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      It's a popular brunch place, and the patio in summer is often full. But it's great that the neighbourhood options have expanded on that block from none three years ago to Joy, Barrio and Pulp. There's also Star, but I haven't tried it.

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        and another newcomer... Tomi-Kro Restaurant @ Queen and Leslie.. by JC from Lolitas Lust...

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          Do you mean the Star Kitchen right at Logan? You missed your chance - it shut down a few months ago.

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            Joy is great. Didn't like Pulp though - maybe b/c I'm not a vegan and tried the "BLT" and ended up not eating the "bacon" b/c I just couldn't. Kinda ruined my experience there. Nothing like the real thing!

        2. b
          Bob Isenberger

          I absolutely agree about their brunches -- they're creative, tasty, and generous.

          But I was quite disappointed, when I went for dinner on a week-day evening, to find that they were a white-linen-tablecloth kind of place, with serious prices. They certainly seem to have their fans for that mode of operation, and the food was still excellent -- just not what I generally look for in a comfortable, affordable, week-night out.