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Apr 19, 2004 01:34 PM

A new place for Churros?

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Anyone out there aware of a new establishment that sells churros? I have been on the hunt for the best churros in T.O., and almost all of my finds have been disappointing.

I just recently heard through the grapevine that a new place has opened up in the T.O. area and it is supposed to have the most authentic churro establishment to date.

Hopefully, this is not just a rumour. The only info that I have heard is that they have opened recently(within the last month or so), I don't know where in the city, nor do I have a name that I could go by.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The only place I know in TO where one can buy churros is at the Dufferin Mall, next to NoFrills.

    I never tried them but each churro costs 3 dollars or so. Too expensive in my opinion.

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      You might be thinking of Churrisimo,, there are a few locations at malls in TO. I tried one in East York mall, it was not that great, they are frozen and re-heated. A Mexican friend of a friend recommended El Jacalito -
      1500 Royal York Rd (Royal York Plaza) Unit 21-B. I have not tried it, I think they might only have churros on weekends. As a potential bonus they have some great sounding Mexican food.


    2. There are two places in Kensington Market side by side one is just take out the other is a few steps up some stairs and has 5 tables. A south american freind of mine took me there... dont remember exactly where these places are but he was raving about them. Think they were in the north west end of the market...

      I am sure if you ask someone there they will know the name and exact location..

      1. Tortilla Flats on Queen at Spadina made some decent churros ages ago. You need to order them 20 mins before you want them, it comes fresh from the deep fryer, rolled in cinnamon sugar with hot chocolate sauce and whip cream on the side.

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