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Apr 19, 2004 09:53 AM

Shrimp Chip Cravings

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Does anyone remember those pink little shrimp chips they would sell at Marks & Spencer? I think "No Name" used to sell them too.

I sometimes get cravings for these chips (I am in the middle of one now).

Does anyone know where I might purchase them in Toronto?


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  1. I love those shrimp chips! I try to eat all I can when I travel to places with M&S (Hong Kong, Bermuda, etc). I would love to know where I can get them here, and other M&S products.

    1. Prawn crisps?

      Give Great British Goods a try at 416-781-2211.


      1. I bought a bag of "uncooked" shrimp chips in Chinatown a while back in one of the supermarkets... It is strange they look like little coloured transparent plastic waffers but when you deep fry them they puff up into beautiful shrimp chips.. I do not know if these are the same that you are talking about.. Local Thai restaurants only seem to have the beige chips... whick I also love

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          Those are not the same. The uncooked ones becomes the ones you get in Thai restaurants or available in Asian grocery stores. Thanks for the post though!

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          Peppermint Pate

          I'm not sure if shrimp chips ("krupuk") are the same as M&S prawn chips but if can buy a bag of the pre-cooked ones at many Asian-owned fish stores. Pisces and Avenue Road Seafood are two that I know of for sure. You can also get a small bag at Green Mango/Soup and probably most Thai and Indonesian restaurants. Mmm, now I'm craving some.

          1. I miss those Marks & Sparks crisps *SO* much. Loblaws had their own version for a very short time. I guess it didn't take off.

            As much as I like the Asian shrimp chips, they are not the same. The M&S ones were called "shrimp cocktail" crisps and were tangy in flavour. MMMMMM ...