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Apr 19, 2004 12:08 AM

Oversalting: I don't get it

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Without naming names, I've experienced the practice of some kitchens oversalting their dishes. Someone told me that this is currently trendy. I don't get it. Has anyone else had this experience? Can anyone explain it"" Thanks.

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  1. I saw somewhere I think on Rogers TV a discussion of how salt is the "new pepper" this chef had a tray with 8 different sea salts, black red, orange etc. All of these where natural from different parts of the world with different flavours..

    Salt has tradionally been a staple as a food preservative until the advent of refridgeration. Then even dimished further as the healthy food craze hit.. now it is being used as an "exotic flavour"..

    1. Perhaps not an answer to your question, but nonetheless an interesting read (see link)



      1. My wife and I recently had dinner at Edward Levesque's Kitchen (full review to follow) and every one of the dishes was oversalted. I hope this is not trend.

        1. I've eaten at restaurants, thought the food was tasty, then been thirsty the entire evening--from the salt. My guess is,cooks without good grounding in creative seasoning think that a hit of salt will impress the customers' taste buds and they'll come back again..