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Apr 18, 2004 08:56 PM

Grazie's lineups onto the street

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I always pass by Grazie at Yonge and Eg and there are people lined up to get inside, which to me means that there is something deserving of the place. Is this the true and should I try out the place?

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  1. Soon every restaurant will be like this... they are not be lining up to get in they are standing outside to have a smoke! (According to their website they do not have a smoking section)

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    1. re: Rob

      Grazie also doesn't take reservations and only seat you when most of your party arrives. We couldn't get a table until 8 of the 10 of us arrived so we waited outside. Most people arrive early and wait for a table unlike other restaurants when they arrive on time and are promptly seated. The food is good but not spectacular.


    2. I too live in the area and have wondered about the lines. So, like a good chowhound, I investigated and tried out the place a couple of times. My verdict is that you can do far better in terms of the food. It's ok but nothing special. Much better Italian food can be had a Five Doors North (a couple of blocks south of Eglinton on Yonge). Unfortunately, FDN does not serve pizaa but everything I have tried there has been delicious.


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      1. re: Jonathan C.

        Definitely not worth it.

      2. h

        Selling features: good decent food at reasonable prices (there's better Italian, but you have to pay more), meat market (although lately the eye candy isn't what it used to be I find), wine mark-ups are pretty reasonable, casual/relaxed atmosphere (not stuffy like some Italian places), location

        Downside: no reservations, gets loud

        1. It's been a couple of years since I used to frequent that place...may have changed....never had a problem with lineups at the time.

          It always seemed like a Yorkville type haunt at Y&E. Good place to go for a drink after work. Owners and staff were always friendly and attentive and made everyone feel welcome. There was an interesting mix of obvious Italian flair, but seemed to attract the more upscale eastern european crowd too.

          We never bothered getting a table, but just ate at the bar. That's the kind of place it was...very you just ordered a plate of gnocchi or something and kept socializing. They also had Lagavulin and Macallan 18 at "regular" prices.

          Overall I wouldn't classify the place as a restaurant more than a cocktail joint with decent food.


          1. it's not worth it. i've been there recently... maybe a month ago.

            it's not that the food is *bad* persay... but it's not exactly great. you can pretty much walk into any generic Italian restaurant and get the same stuff... tastes the same and is of roughly the same calibre.

            if you're dining with people who aren't exactly adverturous, then going here is a safe bet. but go for 6pm or you'll be standing outside for a while.