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Apr 18, 2004 09:50 AM

Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto

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I will be visiting Toronto and would like to know of a few really good vegetarian restaurants... (by the way, eggs & dairy are fine with me).

I am NOT looking for a "Commensal" type of vegetarian dining experience! Chowhound recommended "Sprite" in Montreal and it was truly fantastic. Is there anything similar or equally good in Toronto?

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  1. There have been several vegetarian-in-Toronto threads here. Do a keyword search and you'll find some suggestions. Cheers!

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    1. re: anya

      Fressen is vegan and delicious as well as tasty. You would also do well at the Butler's Pantry (for something more simple though there are some meat dishes there).

    2. Check out the online Vegetarian Food Guide at the Toronto Vegetarian Association's website - It even lists restaurants that are veggie friendly.

      1. Vegetarian Haven on Baldwin Street (near the Art Gallery) is excellent, excellent, excellent. Huge menu and I am never disappointed. Give it a try.

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        1. re: Brooke

          Vegetarian Haven sounds promising. As does Anatolia's...looks like they have a tasty selection of non-meat dishes. I have tried Babur's (Indian food) and enjoyed it, as well as a great Vietnamese spot in Chinatown ( unfortunately, I can't remember the precise location nor the name) ...wanted to try something different this time.

          Thanks for the suggestions.

        2. My favourite is King's Cafe. In the Kensington Market, on Augusta.

          Great ambiance, food, prices, variety and attention.

          Try tofu casserole ($10, good for 2 people), avocado sushi, or one of their combos.