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Apr 17, 2004 10:03 AM

Korean Restaurant

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Which Korean Restaurant would you recommend in Toronto? I would like to try the meat/fish you grill yourself and wrap in a lettuce leaf with condiments? Thank you

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    My only experiences are the Chinese-run Korean BBQ places in north Toronto (Walker Hill - Hwy 7 & Commerce Valley Dr. West). You do the cooking, but it's served with rice and sides, no lettuce wrapping.

    Haven't been, but what about in Koreatown (Bloor, west of Bathurst)?

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      That Korean BBQ place has a location downtown on Queen St W across from Chum as well.

      At Bloor & Bathurst, I would recommend Joons .. Good dolsot bibimbap! South side of Bloor, between Christie and Bathurst

    2. I quite like Bulgogi House on Spring Garden Road (two blocks north of Sheppard, just east of Yonge). "Bulgogi" is the Korean word for barbequed meat. For what it's worth, I am of Korean descent and I think it is pretty good. Personally, I find the Korean restaurants in North York better than the ones on Bloor (I think that the ones in North York get more traffic as there are many many Koreans living in the Yonge & Finch area).

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      1. There's a new Korean joint up in thornhill (Yonge, N of Steeles, in a largely Chinese mall complex) that's apparently run by Koreans and I find their food much more authentic than the plethora of Chinese-owned Korean restaurants scattered across the city. I'd recommend it (sorry but the name completely escapes me).