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Apr 5, 2000 04:12 PM

regarding Victoria B.C.

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I noticed some discussion on restaraunts in Victoria B.C. I always go to Kiplings located on the lower level of the Empress Hotel. The hotel also offers high tea, a curry restaraunt and a high end dining room. What they do with Kiplings is to take the "leftovers" (or cook greater quantites on purpose) from high tea and the curry place and add them to Kiplings already abundant buffet. There is a roasting bar and a fabulous array of entrees , salads and deserts. I think last summer I paid $15 canadian for the buffet with drinks extra. What a deal!Breakfast is good there too. If you are staying at the hotel it usually comes with the price of the meal. I have never tried lunch there.

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  1. Mary- On the Canada board (where I know we should move this) Gary C says the High Tea at the Empress was awful three years ago. Did you try it?

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      I was not impressed with high tea at the Empress either.(Try the Phonecian in Phoenix for high tea)What I liked about Kiplings is you get the desserts and cookies from high tea without paying the high price of tea. The tea room is lovely but the food is okay. That seems like a contradiction to say its a good thing a couple of hours later. Tea food is my least favorite part of the buffet. The entrees and salads are composed of unusual ingredients and clever combinations.Its fun to figure out what the combinations are and discuss them with your tablemates. I like the curries and the papadaums(spelling ?) the cracker like Indian bread. I'll post this on Canada next time. I was just adding to the side trips from Seattle conversation. Sorry! By the way, last time I was at the Empress a overly friendly guy kept being overly friendly. Was he making untoward advances? NO! He was a local and was trying to give me a discount coupon. He said it came in his junk mail. So watch for coupons in flyers for kiplings.