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Apr 15, 2004 03:04 AM

bakery with good butter tarts?

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what's a good bakery in the downtown area (or near) with good butter tarts? i want to bring some to an american friend this weekend.

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  1. i ended up buying some (and pecan tarts) from my market bakery in kensington market - $4 for 5. just had one of the pecan ones now and i have to say it's disappointing.. overly sweet rather than rich, melt-in-your-mouth buttery filling.

    the other place i heard of is dufflet bakeries.. anyone tried them there?

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      For butter tarts specifically, I used to be hooked on Phipps. The pastry itself is the real's a fairly deep and runny be prepared to let half it run out (care must be taken when eating this tart). And it's just as well...way too sweet to eat all the filling anyway.


      1. re: helen

        I had a fantastic butter tart last weekend purchased from a store whose name I don't recall (the Fine Food Store?? something like that anyway) that is immediately south of the Summerhill LCBO on Yonge. It was amazingly good.

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          Your butter tart was from All The Best Fine Foods.

          Dufflets has great butter tarts. Great lemon tarts and an assortment of wonderful mini desserts. They also have full size cakes, many restaurants carry their desserts. My kids especially love the mini cupcakes, at 75 cents a peice they are a steal.
          Dufflets has 2 locations: Yonge & Lytton (across from Sporting Life) and Queen West around Gypsy Co-op.

      2. Probably too late for your purposes but I picked up a dozen during the Good Food Festival which took place over the weekend.

        The company was called Old Fashioned Bakery, Port Perry, ON, 647-223-1748.

        1. ended up getting some from my market bakery in kensington market. disappointing.. :(