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Apr 14, 2004 06:54 PM

Via Allegro

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So I dined at Via I'm not that rich(it was a special occasion). Anyways, they claimed that their redmeat was "platinum" grade and that they were the only ones in North America to have that rating. Anybody know anything about this? Needless to say I ordered the steak and it was damn good....but platinum good? Maybe. Allegro also was picked 8th out of T.o.'s top 10 by Toronto life magazine.

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  1. Via Allegro is quite phenomenal. Try their risotto. it's won prizes and deserves it. It is quite expensive. i try to go once a month. if you haven't tried them i heard from a friend that their chef lino collevecchio is going to be at cheese boutique and giving demonstration as well as sampling his recipes on may 29th. it's a good way to get introduced to via allegro.

    their wines are quite amazing. too many choices is the only problem.

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      while va is good it not that good. I was rather put off by their wine policies. Staff's wine knowledge will mislead the unsuppecting into paying more $$ than the quality warrants. It may be an off night, but when a restaurants asks for those prices for food and wine. There should be no off nights.

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        Of all the places in toronto, the best place to go for an authentic italian pizza is Via Allegro. They prepared it like no one. You can sit in the pizza bar and look at the pizza chef prepare your favourite, and believe me that is spectacularly mouthwatering.Love the restaurant, the food and the service.

    2. Hmm. Assuming they're serving Canadian beef, there is no such thing as a "Platinum" grade.

      And as far as I know, there is also no such thing as USDA "Platinum" beef. So unless they're getting their meat from magical platinum cows, I don't see this as being truthful.


      1. I go to VA at least monthly. I love it. It's always delicious, always over the top, and I love everything they do: e.g., the homemade sorbets between courses, the incredible Fois Gras, even the simple but incredible Penne Arrabbiata for $13. And, if you order a certain Amarone, they will volunteer some Gorgonzola with honey and nuts to go with it. The wine list is incredible, and features many wonderful, affordable wines. Service is always impeccable. They have something to prove (being outside Toronto), and they are proving it marvellously.

        It's probably my favorite resto in the GTA.