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Apr 14, 2004 04:26 PM

Tapas - Yonge/Eglington?

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I really miss the tapas restaurant on the 2nd floor north of Eglington(replaced by this awful Eastern European restaurant). Chowhounds just went to Chiado's I hear which I have to visit. Any other suggestions for tapas and anything closer to me?

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  1. Mezzetta Cafe Restaurant at St. Clair and Christie has delicious Mediterranean tapas.

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    1. re: Rover

      Thanks! Isn't Mezzetta considered Middle Eastern though (that's what I've heard)? I was thinking Spanish tapas...mmmm...mmmm...

    2. Actually, the Eastern European restaurant you call awful in your post, is very good. It is called Transylvania Restaurant. Good value, friendly service and probably the best schnitzel I have seen in Toronto.
      It replaced La Carreta, a mediocre Cuban restaurant. There is another La Carreta on the Danforth, serving cuban tapas, but imho you're better off going to a Spanish restaurant, such as the Flamenco tapas bar at Broadview and Danforth, if you're craving a Spanish specialty like tapas.

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        Thank you for the names - it's been driving me crazy! My companion and I didn't like Transylvania, but maybe I should give it another try based on your comments. It was early on when they first opened, so maybe things have improved.