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Apr 5, 2000 11:27 AM


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A friend in Gig Harbor emailed to say the first good meal she had in Seattle was at Etta's. She especially liked the clam chowder and the prawns (which she described as the size of her Westie's front leg). She reports that entrees were in the $20 range, the lunch prawns were $9.50 and she'd have happily paid more for them.

(She'll figure out how to post eventually) I'm trying to get her to post about the bakery where she buys extra special cakes for her clinic, and the place that bakes great casseroles in whatever serving pieces you bring them.

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  1. Agree. Good food, sort of reasonable prices, nice wine, great service.
    Cafe Campagne: Welcoming. Wine good. Cassoulet-forget it.

    Mae Pim Thai-94 Columbia St.- I erroneously posted an entry under SF: A wonderful Thai restaurant. 48 items on menu, 1/2 veg. Everything with tax costs $5.01.Owned and run by a welcoming Thai family. Go! You'll be happy here.