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Apr 12, 2004 12:33 PM

lakeview lunch

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Hey does anyone know what that drink at Lakeview Lunch(ossington and dundas) is called "egg" something. But there's no egg in it. And what's it made of?

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  1. I haven't been to the Lakeview for awhile even though it's at the top of my street,(it's kinda gross)but I think you might be talking about an egg cream. I used to have them in New York. It consists of milk or cream, chocolate syrup and seltzer.(that's soda water to us Canadians)

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      I used to go there when it was Jerry's (think 80's and the movie Cocktail)...and it wasn't bad (I miss the all you could eat Thursday pasta nights with a big pitcher of sangria).

      It hasn't been the same since it changed ownership (and had a fire) years ago.


    2. I saw that on the menu today for brunch and was wondering the same thing... I Ordered eggs benny (or so it said) - it consisted of deep fried, yes, deep fried pemeal bacon (yum) and some poor excuse for hollandaise sauce. The soggy-arsed potato things weren't any consolation either.
      My girlfriends 'deep fried' omlette was divine as well, complete w/those ever so soggy taters too.
      Won't be going back for brekki that's for sure...