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Apr 12, 2004 09:53 AM

Hello Toast brunch review

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Visited Hello Toast recently and enjoyed the food, but was less than impressed by the service.

I ordered the eggs benedict with smoked salmon, and a side order of sausages. Girlfriend had the french toast stuffed with cream cheese. The eggs benedict was properly poached (skimpy on the smoked salmon) but came with a tasty side of hash browns. French toast was quite substantial and held it's own without requiring syrup.

The service on the otherhand was sub par. The sausages did not arrive with the eggs, and when asked, the server questioned whether I even orderd them. She returned shortly with the sausages and acknowledged that they were ordered, but some how managed not to apologize. Getting coffee topped off was a real chore (asked 3 times in 10 min). Even more difficult was trying to get the bill, which took about 15 min.

The main issue seems to be that there are only two servers for the entire restaurant that are also responsible for bussing, capuccino bar and cash. All in all I believe it took close to 2 hours for brunch. Due to the poor service, I can't recommend it.

I'm interested in hearing of others experiences and whether or not they had the same issues with service.


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  1. I've been to Hello Toast twice and the only issue I could recall with the service was that the goat cheese that was supposed to be included as part of a friends meal did not actually come. When we mentioned it to the server, she brought out a plate of goat cheese which is not the greatest thing to eat on its own!

    Really can't recall any specific complaints about the service.... though I prefer brunch at Bonjour Brioche just west along Queen at Degrassi. Yesterday, I had a squash with orange, thyme, and pecans for brunch. Very interesting and delicious!


    1. Aside from the food items ordered and a couple of other small details, I would have to say that my experience at Hello Toast was very similar to yours.

      It was a month or so ago, but I still remember it vividly (you don't forget really good food and bad service).

      The details on coffee, missing items from the plate(s), and paying the bill were spot on. The only thing that I would have to add, was that after we were seated it took some time for our server to even come over to take our order. And when the coffee/food/bill came, it almost felt like we were wasting the servers time.

      Personnally, I think that they need one or two more people on staff during the brunch rush. This would definitely help with the delays, and might improve their attitude.

      1. Funny, i always come out of there thinking how wonderful the service was. I've been three times and each time i practically have to hide my coffee cup to keep them from refilling it for the 7th time. Even when I ordered a latte they gave me complimentary unlimited regular coffee. Part of what i like about the place is that it is a leisurely brunch and i have never felt rushed. So probably not a great place for a quick brunch but if you like to loiter id reccomend.

        And great food too!

        Bonjour brioche, which has been mentioned, has great food but i feel hustled out the door there- but really yummy.

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          re: the comment about Bonjour Brioche -- My experience has always been just the opposite -- no matter how busy the place is or how long the line waiting at the front door, I have *never* felt rushed by the staff. They'll keep checking on us and refilling coffee over the longest conversation.

          Naturally, that's one of the reasons I love the place -- to say nothing of the fabulous food.

        2. d
          Disgruntled Diner

          I'd have to agree with the comments on the bad service. We left laughing hysterically because we couldn't believe how terrible it was. I had the same problems with missing utensils and not receiving my entire order but being billed for it nonetheless. I don't mind a leisurely brunch, but at least be attentive to your customers needs. I would have probably spent more money had they ever come back to check on us. They need to stop being such cheap skates and hire some help.

          1. I hear ya. As one sarcastic, gay friend once said to me: "Hello Toast? You mean Hello Service."