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Apr 11, 2004 09:10 PM

Niagara on the Lake

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I'm planning a day trip to Niagara on the Lake, and was wondering if anyone can recommend good spots for lunch and dinner. TIA.

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  1. Just got back from a weekend in NOTL. Here's the local scoop. The best eats for lunch and dinner is the Stone Road Grille at the corner of Mary and Mississaugua Street (Hwy 55 or the Old Stone Road hence the name, get it!). This is a locals' secret and I was sworn to secrecy because it is not very big and is always busy, however this is a secret that won't last long. We went Saturday for lunch and loved it so much we wanted to return for dinner but it was completely booked. We lucked out with a very friendly waiter who reserved two spots at the bar for us. The risotto with pan seered scallops was amaaazing and the veal chop was so tender I could cut it with my fork. For dinner the chef's starter was a duck confit on endive with kalamata olives and an anchovy...really great. The mains were equally superb...salmon and shrimps with baby spinach and the other was a porkloin with an unbelievable blue cheese bread pudding.

    The place is a remake of a Greek spot in a strip mall and the name over the restaurant says simply "REST". Two chefs from the Peller Estates (Heidi and Perry Johnson) started it last August and it is the only place to eat in town that offers imaginatiive eats, friendly service and reasonable prices (mains were $18-26). Local wines of course but make reservations 905-468-3474

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      I just made reservations. Thanks! :)

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        Let me know how it works out for you!

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          Let me know how it was!

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            Now THAT was good eats! I did the same thing...had lunch there: scallops and shrimp appetizer followed by a pork tenderloin and wild mushroom sammich for the gf, and the pan-seared scallop risotto. Was so impressed that I immediately made reservations for dinner as well. Dinner was absolutely great too...mmmm...that was good braised lamb shank.

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              Sounds great. Now shhhhh. Our secret!

      2. The Hillebrand Cafe on the winery estate. We really enjoyed it - it was 2 years ago but they had set up their menu with appropriate wine pairings, even for lunch. Very nice. Not cheap, but an experience, rather than just lunch...

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          I'll have to save this for my next trip. :D