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Apr 3, 2000 01:14 PM

Philippine Restuarant

  • m

Just found an exquisite restuarant at SE 47th and Powell in Portland, OR., called House of Bamboo. I can't pronounce half of the dishes, but WOW is everything is delicious. I have eaten there 3 times now, and it is outstanding.

Very small, but everything clean and neat. Service is good, also. As an extra, it is cheap eating.

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  1. j
    Jeremy Osner

    I was introduced to Filipino cuisine (in New York, thought) about a year or two ago and remember having the same reaction, WOW -- so many wonderful flavors!

    I don't know if we both happened on excellent restaurants which are coincidentally Filipino, or if it's something special about the cuisine -- it has not yet been my misfortune to eat bad Filipino food.