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Apr 8, 2004 10:30 PM

brunch battle

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What's good for downtown brunch anymore? Are the old standbys any good. Anything new ? Re-Done?
I'm fond of the indepenant restaurants not the corporate owned.

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  1. niagara street cafe (on niagara & king st. w) has great brunch, with organic or near-organic options.

    plaza flamingo on college & bathurst also serves great brunch with a latin twist...

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      Top three brunch places in my opinion are:

      1) Bonjour Brioche (Queen/Degrassi) - fanastic food with changing specials, lineups can be long but fast moving, portions perhaps not as big as other restaurants, older crowd

      2) Mitzy's (Sorauren west side) - fantastic food with changing specials, lineup can be long, great original homefry recipe, amazing oatmeal pancakes, funky crowd

      3) Easy (Queen/Roncesvalles) - excellent food static menu, excellent take out and eat in spicy jam, funky queen west crowd


    2. f
      Frances in Toronto

      Brunch Spots I've Tried that I Like

      1. Creme de la Creme (Bloor & Royal York)
      2. Xacutti (College St.) - more expensive, but good.
      Not always filling, depending on what you order.
      3. Auntie's & Uncle's - great omlettes
      (on Lippincott). Cheap. Hole in the wall place.
      4. Azul - very good.
      5. Irish Embassy - good but kind of expensive for
      what you get.

      I hear that Hot House Cafe is a must-try for brunch buffet. I also haven't tried Mildred Pierce but I hear it is great for brunch (but slow service). And Hello Toast and Bonjour Brioche I have yet to try.