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Apr 8, 2004 07:18 PM

Restaurants with private rooms at reasonable prices

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Any suggestions on restaurants in Toronto with private spaces for 20-30 people that will do a three course sit-down dinner for approx. $30/per person + drinks, tax and gratuity? I'm not looking for Susur, but something with decent food and atmosphere that doesn't have the word "pub" in the name would be nice. It should also be vegetarian friendly.

All suggestions welcome.

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  1. I would suggest contacting either Foccacia (Hayden St.)or Nevada (Beaches). Both restaurants have a second level which would be suitable for dinner and would give your party some privacy.

    I think that Nevada has a slightly less pricey menu. However, if this is a work-related function and you wish to remain downtown, Foccacia might be a better bet.

    1. Try Paese on Wilson just north of Bathurst.Tons of flexibility, good to great food and a nice room upstairs. We had a party for about 25 in November. Each person had two choices for apps, dinner and dessert, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the evening.

      1. Try Le Petit Liban (on Church Street). have a private room with own bar and washroom.