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Apr 3, 2000 01:23 AM

anyone know any good italian places in Seattle?

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Ive been to this lovely little morsel called Perchenos right at the base of Queen Anne hill. Words cannot describe my appreciation for this place. But other than that I just cannot seem to find any good italian places....and that includes Umbertos...Can anyone help?

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  1. Try Il Terrazo in Pioneer Square.

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      Anna Sterling

      Have you ever tried Bizarro? It is a very busy little Italian gem in the Ballard/Wallingford area... My husband and I have enoyed many a tasty morsel there. It is romantic and quaint with a local and most unique atmosphere. My favorite is the gorganzola is out of this world! Make a reservation as it is always crowded! Enjoy!

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        If you go to Bizarro, consider the Bananas Foster for dessert. It's the first place I ever tried it, and for me, it set the standard. I'd be curious to hear other, more objective views.

        I'm still searching for my favorite Italian in Seattle, but Buongusto on top of Queen Anne has come closest so far. I've also had two very very fine meals at Mamma Melina's on Roosevelt. I haven't tried Nell's (or its previous incarnation Salah al Lago) but I've heard very good things about it.

        I think one of the best pastas I've had was at Phoenicia out on Alki. Not technically Italian, but very good pasta.