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Apr 7, 2004 01:42 PM

Good vegetarian cookbooks?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for good/excellent vegetarian cookbooks?

Thanks in advance.

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    Scotty Unbeamed

    Hi Wendy:

    Since this board is Toronto-specific, you should try posting your query on the General Topics board (linked below), where you'll have all sorts of helpful answers from Chowhounds everywhere!

    BTW, the following are some faves:
    Deborah Madison - Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
    Madhur Jaffrey - World Vegetarian
    Lorna Sass - The Complete Vegetarian Kitchen
    Anna Thomas - The New Vegetarian Epicure


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      Thanks for all the suggestions!

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      Robert Beeney

      I have a cookbook called vegetarian for everyone by Debra Madison and i use it quite often.There are over 6 hundred pages.You could join a cookbook club at

      1. s

        You should look at the link below. The poster summarized all the cookbook links he has come across on all the boards and categorized them. Extremely useful link.

        And, posting similar questions on the General Board usually gets lots of feedback.


        1. Hi Wendy,

          We hope you follow other posters' suggestions to repost on the General Topics board, where you'll find lots of knowledgeable hounds interested in such topics. In order to keep this board focused on Toronto chow, we'll remove this thread shortly.