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Apr 7, 2004 11:35 AM

Anyone tried Restaurants on the Go or Super Waiter?

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I would like to know if anyone has tried ordering delivery through either sites. If so, which restaurants, how long did it take (considering where abouts was the food delivered to), what was the quality (as compared to going to the restaurant itself)? Any other comments welcome as well!

Thanks so much!

For those who never heard of either, check them out:

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  1. I use Restaurants On The Go when I'm too lazy to go out for dinner and to lazy to cook.
    Delivery has been quite prompt (half an hour). You do need to keep in mind where the restaurant you're ordering form is located relative to the delivery location. Delivery times do vary with distance as well as the time at which you're ordering. If the restaurant you're ordering from is very busy at the time of the order you'll be waiting longer than if it had been a slow night. I sometimes order from Cusine of India, which is located near Finch and Yonge. I live downtown so this order would take longer to arrive than a place a few blocks away. Which relates to your next question: quality. I have found the quality to be similar to that experienced at the specific restaurant, with the qualification that you order food that travels well. ie. Indian food travels well, something like batter fried fish and chips does not.
    All in all I've been very pleased with my experience.

    Haven't tried superwaiter.

    1. I have used restaurantsonthego and found it great. I ordered from Al Friscos, has a steak and it was like getting it at the rest. It was hot very well packaged and quite quick. The reason I used them was that I was just recovering from the flu and wanted a substancial meal without cooking and did not want normal take out.... one flaw I wanted to order from work but could not remember the name... do you think I could find it in any of the search engines! they need to do a better job on internet promotions...