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Apr 7, 2004 01:55 AM

cheap food in cabbagetown?

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i'm going to be in cabbagetown around 9pm and will want to grab a quick-ish bite to eat before heading out.. any recommendations for a cheap, good place in the area?

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  1. I'm just discovering this site so my comments won't have helped you the night you were looking for a place, but perhaps the next time you're in our neighborhood!

    I live in Cabbagetown, and like these places quite a bit:

    House on Parliament (lower level, Parliament & Spruce, west side) -- friendly neighborhood pub (which IMHO will be that much better when the no-smoking bylaw takes effect) -- but the food is several notches above the usual pub fare -- fresh & tasty. And they do an excellent and affordable prime rib & Yorkshire pudding every Sunday evening.

    Margarita's -- excellent Mexican fare, on Carlton just west of Parliament. The entre's and their sauces are quite sophisticated; plus of course the usual taco's & enchilada's. Nice outdoor patio in back in the summertime.

    Winchester Pub -- corner of Winchester & Parliament. Pub-style food, quite affordable & tasty.

    Timothy's Tikka House (Parliament, 1 block south of Wellesley) -- casual, tasty Indian fare.