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Apr 6, 2004 05:09 PM

Really cheap Chinese Buffet? approx. $5-6?

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I had this take out menu for a really cheap chinese buffet with locations in North York, Missasauga, Guelph, etc...for like 5-6 bucks for dinner or something like that. But I lost the menu and I can't remember the name of the place, anyone have any idea which one it is?

*yeah I know there is a very good chance it's gonna be crap, but the menu said it had like a good variety of foods, and it doesn't hurt to try...epecially if I'm really really hungry and broke :)

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  1. Not in any of the locations you mentioned,
    but I believer there's a really cheap buffet at the northwest corner of Brimley and Eglinton.

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      There used to be a chain of Chinese Buffet Restaurants called "ABACUS". They were present in various malls from the EATON Centre (downtown Toronto), Don Mills Centre (in the east), Fairview Mall (in North York). I can remember the prices being somewhat affordable, especially lunch.

      Unfortunately, I am not sure if this restaurant is still located at any any of the shopping centres listed above.

      Secondly, there is a chinese restaurant located on Markham, south of the 401. I believe it is called "ORIENTAL CUISINE" (or something familiar). I've heard the place is CHEAPLY priced! As for the food quality/price/variety... I have not tried it myself, yet.


    2. There is a chain restaurant in Guelph "China Buffet King" and I think it is in the other locations you mentioned. It was cheap but I don't remember the price becasue I haven't been for so long - maily because the food IS crap!

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      1. On the upper level in the Sheppard Centre (Sheppard and Yonge) is a Chinese buffet take out and a small seating area. A large container is $4.99.