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Apr 6, 2004 02:46 PM

anyone been to or Nectar or new Keg (York st)...?

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need to choose b/w these for a bday dinner downtown this week...sticking to the core area as we're all meeting after work. haven't been to any of the 3 so no idea which would be best???

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    Stinky From USC

    New Keg is ultra Swank,

    decent Keg-style menu, don't look for anything to exotic.

    good place for lunch, and nice lounge for after work.

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      I was not impressed with the new Keg. Went there around 8pm on a Thursday. I asked for a table for two and they said there would be at 30-40 minute wait or I could go to the lounge, I opted for the lounge. We scoped out the lounge and found no seats that were available or looked like they would be avaiable soon.. so I went back to the front desk (where 4 women were busy chatting with each other) and asked to be put on the waiting list... To my suprise they had a table immediatedly available that they did not know about 5 minutes before...

      We were sat in a narrow alcove that was quite private but I was a bit put back wheb I sat down and realized that the ledge behind my head was where they were storing their Steak KNIVES!

      The menu was ordinary Keg but we had to ask the waiter about the specials. When our steaks arrived the waiter set them down and promptly dissapeared before we could order another round of drinks (mine was already empty and he did not notice) also he did not bring steak knives for our meals... luckily I remembered that I had a stack of them behind my head!

      The food was fine but in todays competetive steak house market they really need to improve the service.