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Apr 6, 2004 12:22 PM

Female 15yr. Lunch & Dinner?

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I will be coming to Toronto this week with my Daughter to do some shopping downtown. I would like to take her to eat somewhere that she would think is fun. Could you please post a recommendation that would make mother look good. Thank you.

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    Peppermint Pate

    Hmm, interesting question. I'm not sure where downtown you're looking for but here are a few options:

    1. Holt's Cafe (2nd floor) - I think this is a fun spot for a mother/daughter shopping lunch. With its open-faced sandwiches on the famed Poilane bread and a hip interior (oh yes, and fancy shopping), this place reminds me of lunching at Barney's in New York.

    2. Brunch - lots of cool, fun spots for week-end brunch - personal faves are Xacutti, Mildred Pierce and Sugar. Either Xacutti (College Street) or Sugar (Queen West) will also provide lots of good walking and shopping options nearby.

    3. Dinner - there are loads of options but one idea might be Five Doors North (Yonge and Davisville) - cheap, good Italian food in an always lively atmosphere.

    Have fun!

    1. There is Shanghai Cowgirl which is located at Queen and Bathurst. When Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef, was in town, he went there to conduct interviews. It's in an eclectic part of town and you would be known as a cool mama for bringing her there.

      If you like Panasian and will be close to the Eaton Centre, go to Ginger 2 which is just north of HMV and Sam's, the Gap. There are several reviews for it on this site.

      Into Italian? Go to Cafe Diplomatico in Little Italy. Lots of young people and very good Italian standards.

      Other places to go? It all depends on your budget and where exactly you will be.

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      1. re: Viola

        I think the neighborhood is going to be most important to your daughter.

        Little Italy (Marlow, Utopia)
        Queen St. West (Peter Pan and many too cool for me to have ever entered)
        The Annex area has some decent places, some bad.(Serah)

        If shopping at the Eaton Centre, Salad King, by Sam the Record Man will be packed with university students.

        1. re: Viola

          how can anyone recommend the dip (cafe diplomatico)
          ok its popular, because of its north/east corner patio and thats about it and its cheap. but thats it.

          1. re: bhound

            Recommended for the reason that it is a place where there are customers who are age appropriate. Just a consideration that I'm making since the poster mentioned that she was bringing her fifteen year old daughter.

            So please, relax. Chowhounders are into the food but an adolescent eater might want to feel comfortable in her surroundings. Just a consideration and concession made, ok?

        2. One thing you will want to keep in mind is that many TO restaurants are "19 and over" only.
          As a result of our smoking bylaws eating establishments can either have smoking (and be classified as bars) or allow minors in the restaurant but not both. Many have chosen to have smokers rather than kids.
          I had a terrible time getting turned away from place after place with a 16 year-old last summer.
          I suggest you call ahead to be sure.