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Apr 6, 2004 12:17 PM

Best Italian Yonge & Eglinton/Davisville?

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Where is the best food for a nice casual and inexpensive Italian lunch? There are a handful of places down Yonge St from north of Eglinton to Davisville. Please advise........THANX

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  1. I have gone to Vittorio's a few times - they have a lot of seafood which I do not like but I have had the Risotto and it was yummy - they are just north of the huge LCBO, north of Davisville on the east side of Yonge

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        I'll second that rec.

    1. We used to enjoy Alize when we lived near there (yonge north of eglinton)

      1. Grazie is our choice for fun, inexpensive, good food in the evening. Don't know about their lunch specials.

        Also check out Spiga mentioned in the thread below. An old fav. Haven't been there for a while though.