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Apr 6, 2004 04:35 AM

keralan / south indian food?

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the best indian food i'd ever had was in london UK at a restaurant called 'rasa' (actually, some of the best food i've ever had, period). i haven't been able to find indian food that good in toronto. anyone know of any good places that serve keralan food, or failing that, south indian food? i've tried places along gerrard street and found them disappointing..

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  1. I would HIGHLY recommend Madras Palace (on Ellesmere, just west of Brimley). I was raised on S.Indian food and this place is the best...not fancy by any measure but the food makes up for it. I daresay some of their dishes surpass those of mom & grandma (not an easy task). Can't speak for the whole menu as I don't eat meat, but the vegetarian thalis are always amazing, not to mention a bargain.

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      sounds great! i will definitely give that a try next time i have access to a car to get there. i'm also someone not overly concerned with decor.. the taste of the food is far more important to me!

      (i'm also vegetarian so it's good to hear the thali is good!)

    2. Try the Rashnaa (on Wellesley just west of Parliament). Technically Sri Lankan but many dishes in common with southern india. Most dishes with or without meat too. And bargain priced. Thali also available but explore the other dishes (like string hopper).